Water Security Agency
June 28, 2024

Rainfall Event to Continue into the Weekend with Increased Flows in West Central Saskatchewan

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of increased flows on smaller rivers and creeks. This is a result of the significant weather system last night which will continue to bring heavy rain to Saskatchewan. Weather models indicate the system will impact the west central portion of Saskatchewan before tapering off as it moves towards the southeast.  

With large amounts of moisture in a short amount of time, it may result in increased runoff and flows in rivers, streams and lakes across Saskatchewan, which can cause localized out-of-channel flows and localized flooding. Major river systems will remain unaffected by this event. In addition, some water and sewer systems may be overwhelmed causing overflows or bypasses.  

Overnight approximately 70 mm of precipitation was observed around Rosetown, SK and Hanna, AB — both of which contribute to the South Saskatchewan River System. The remainder of central Saskatchewan received significant rainfall ranging between 14-50mm.   

Forecasts for the next three days indicate that central and west central Saskatchewan may receive up to 75 mm of precipitation while the southern portion of the province is expected to receive less but significant amounts ranging from 10-40 mm. Localized thunderstorms could potentially produce 100mm or more.  

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