Water Security Agency
December 15, 2020

Outflows from Eastend Dam increasing today

The Water Security Agency (WSA) will be increasing the outflows from Eastend Dam starting today.

Care should be taken when on or near the water and/or ice.

The outflow will be increased to approximately 1.25 m3/s (45 ft3/s) from the previous flow rate of approximately 0.7 m3/s (25 ft3/s).

The outflow was selected to reduce potential impacts to producers/livestock in the channel downstream along the Frenchman River as well as stakeholders on and near the reservoir.

WSA will monitor the channel conditions downstream and re-evaluate to determine if any adjustment to the outflow is required.

Eastend Reservoir is normally drawn down in early November.  However, maintenance work at West Val Marie Dam delayed this release. With maintenance being completed this week, the increased release from Eastend Dam is starting today.  The higher outflow is expected to last a few weeks.

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