Water Security Agency
June 19, 2024

Large Rain Event Causing Low Level Flooding Near Anglin Lake

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of potential out of bank flows and flooding of low-lying agricultural land downstream of Anglin Lake along the Spruce/Little Red River.

Recent rainfall over the weekend brought nearly three inches of rain, this area has now experienced more than double the normal amount for this time of year, and WSA is surcharging the reservoir at Anglin Lake to help limit outflows. The inflows into Anglin Lake are twice that of what is being released, with approximately 35 cubic metres per second (m3/s) coming in and 16 m3/s being released.

Increased water levels/flows will continue to be observed along the Spruce/Little Red River over the coming days. The water level at Highway #2 and municipal road crossings will visibly increase in the next 1-2 days while water levels in Little Red River Park will increase in the next 2-3 days.  Local tributaries including Bell Creek and Halkett Lake are also contributing to the higher-than-normal flows.

The areas impacted by these high flows are the Rural Municipalities (RM) of Paddockwood, Buckland, the District of Lakeland, Little Red River First Nation, and the City of Prince Albert.

WSA reminds the public to take precautions near water bodies as flows can change quickly. If you see areas of high flow, please keep your distance.

WSA will continue to monitor conditions and provide updates as they develop.

For more information please contact WSA Client Services at 1.866.727.5420.