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WSA Agrium 43

Observation well WSA Agrium 43 was constructed in 1968 in order to monitor the impacts of potash mining activities on groundwater levels and water quality.  The well is completed in intertill sands of the Floral Formation to a depth of 17.5 metres.  Agrium 43 was incorporated into the observation well network in 2001.

WSA Agrium 43's hydrograph shows seasonal levels generally peaking in late winter or early spring with annual fluctuations varying from 0.1 to 0.5 metres.  The largest change occurred in 2010, when water levels increased throughout the entire year resulting in an increase of 0.5 metres.  A record peak water level elevation of about 498.25 metres occurred in early 2013.  Minimum low water level elevations of about 497.1 to 497.2 metres occurred in 1981/82 and again in 2004/05.

The well yields water of the calcium/magnesium-bicarbonate type with a sum of ions of about 1040 mg/L.

LocationNE16-20-35-08 W3
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