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WSA Pilot Butte North

As part of the Regina Aquifer Management Plan, observation well WSA Pilot Butte North was constructed in 1987 to a depth of 15.85 metres in surficial sands of the Condie aquifer.  The well is located adjacent to WSA Pilot Butte South, which monitors the underlying Zehner aquifer.  The two aquifers are separated by about seven metres of glacial till. 

While water level fluctuations in Pilot Butte North closely follow levels in Pilot Butte South, they are generally three metres less than in the deeper well.  Consequently, there is an upward gradient from the Zehner aquifer into the overlying Condie aquifer at this location.  Water levels in Pilot Butte North have increased since the early 1990's and reached record high peaks of around 610.2 metres in 2012 and in 2013. 

Water from WSA Pilot Butte North has a sum of ions concentration of 700 mg/L and is of the calcium-bicarbonate/sulphate type.

Location NW05-04-18-18 W2
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