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WSA Meadow Lake

WSA Meadow Lake was constructed near the Town of Meadow Lake in 1989 as a test well for a pulp mill.  It is completed to a depth of 73.14 metres into Empress Group sands of the Hatfield Valley aquifer.  The aquifer at the well site is overlain by 51 metres of drift consisting mainly of till.  As there were no observation wells in the northwestern part of this major aquifer, the well was incorporated into the observation well network in 1992.  Flow in the Hatfield Valley aquifer in the vicinity of the well site is toward the east.

Water levels in WSA Meadow Lake declined from 1993 until 2004 and then began to stabilize.  Starting in 2010, they began to recover reaching an elevation of 472 metres in 2013.  The historic high water level of 472.4 metres occurred in late 1992/early 1993 while the historic low of about 471.4 metres occurred in 2006.    

Water from the well is of the sodium-sulphate/chloride type and has Total Dissolved Solids concentration of approximately 1570 mg/L.

LocationSW04-09-60-16 W3
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