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WSA Forget

Observation well WSA Forget was constructed in 1964 to a depth of  5.94 metres to observe natural groundwater-level fluctuations in a surficial aquifer in the southeastern part of the Province. This surficial stratified sand overlies the undifferentiated Frenchman, Whitemud and Eastend Formations. The surficial aquifer is unconfined and located in a recharge area. Water infiltrating the surficial aquifer moves downward and laterally east toward Moose Mountain Creek.

WSA Forget shows seasonal trends with minimum levels typically occurring in February-March and maximums in May or June.  The lowest level of just under 603.5 metres occurrred in early 1990 while the record peak of about 605.4 metres occcurred in 2011.  The magnitude of the water level increase in 2011 was greater than any previous seasonal increases.  This large increase followed a strong increase in 2010.  Water levels have subsided somewhat, but remain high.   

Water from WSA Forget has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 501 mg/L and is of the calcium/magnesium-bicarbonate type.

Location SW12-02-09-07 W2
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