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WSA Fife Lake 002

Observation well WSA Fife Lake 002 was constructed to obtain baseline groundwater level data from which water level changes resulting from coal mining operations 21 kilometres to the southeast, could be measured. The well was completed to a depth of 9.94 metres in  interbedded silt and sand of the Ravenscrag Formation.  The well is located about 30 metres from the shore of Fife Lake and shows a higher water level than the lake suggesting  groundwater flow towards Fife Lake. There may be subsurface drainage from the lake to Girard Creek.

The hydrograph for WSA Fife Lake shows seasonal fluctuations from a few centimetres to over half a metre. Seasonal maximums occur in the spring with the lowest levels in the fall and early winter.  Starting in 1983 the hydrograph shows a steady decline until 1993 after which water levels stabilized and then partially recovered, although they remain well below levels experienced in the mid-70's and early 80's.  The highest recorded water level of about 802.7 metres occurred in 1979 and the lowest level of 800 metres occurred in 1993.  Following low levels in 2009 and 2010, water levels recovered by over a metre to about 801.4 metres. 

WSA Fife Lake yields water of the sodium-sulphate type with a sum of ions concentration of approximately 6137 mg/L.

Location SE14-09-03-29 W2
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