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WSA Coronach 1

Observation well WSA Coronach 1 was constructed in 1974 to obtain baseline groundwater level data in the Coronach - Fife Lake district.  The intent was to use this data to separate natural groundwater level fluctuation from fluctuations caused by coal mining operations. The well is completed to a depth of 36.88 metres in channel sands of the bedrock Ravenscrag Formation.  The regional groundwater flow is believed to be in a northeasterly direction toward Girard Creek.

Water levels in WSA Coronach 1 peaked at about 783.8 metres in 1976, following which they went into a long term decline until 1993 when a record low water level of about 780.8 metres was reached.  Since 1993 water levels have recovered to about 782.2 metres.  

The water is of the calcium/magnesium-bicarbonate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 1327 mg/L.

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