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WSA Conquest No.504

As part of the Conquest Reservoir Site Evaluation study, five observation wells were constructed in 1971 to study the influence of the proposed reservoir and irrigation projects on groundwater levels.  After suspension of the project, the wells were incorporated into the observation well network in 1972.  The purpose of WSA Conquest No. 504 was to monitor groundwater level fluctuations resulting from vertical leakage from the reservoir into the Tyner Valley aquifer. The well was completed to a depth of 82.8 metres into a Saskatoon Group aquitard overlying the Tyner Valley aquifer.  

Water levels in the well reached their maximum of roughly 525.7 metres in the mid-1970's.  A declining water level trend began in about 1977 and accelerated in the early 1980's until the hydrograph's minimum level of roughly 522.4 was reached in 1990, after which water levels stabilized.  Water levels have now recovered by over a metre and are now around 524.2 metres.  The water level drop has been attributed to unlicensed groundwater withdrawals which have now ceased.    

Water obtained from this well is of the sodium/calcium-sulphate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 3186 mg/L.

Location SW12-14-30-10 W3
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