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WSA Conquest No.502

As part of the Conquest Reservoir Site Evaluation study, five observation wells were constructed in 1971 to study the influence of the proposed reservoir and irrigation projects on groundwater levels.  After suspension of the project, the observation wells were incorporated into the observation well network in 1972. The purpose of WSA Conquest No. 502 was to observe groundwater level fluctuations in an intertill channel aquifer present beneath the proposed reservoir. The well was completed to a depth of 19.21 metres in sands and gravels of an intertill channel aquifer within the Floral Formation.  A vertical downward gradient exists between the overlying surficial stratified drift and this channel aquifer.

Conquest No. 502 shows strong seasonal water level fluctuations, typically with minimums occurring in March followed by maximums in June.  Annual fluctuations vary from 0.2 metres to one metre.  The lowest water levels of just over 562 metres occurred in 1972, 1973 and 1982.  The highest levels recorded of about 564.2 metres occurred in 2011 and 2012 with the 2013 water level peak being just below these levels.  While the hydrograph shows substantial fluctuations, the overall water level trend has been increasing since monitoring began in 1972.

Water from the well is of the calcium-sulphate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 1577 mg/L.

Location SW12-14-30-10 W3
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