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WSA Conquest No.501

As part of the Conquest Reservoir Site Evaluation study, five observation wells were constructed in 1971 to study the influence of the proposed reservoir and irrigation projects on groundwater levels.  After suspension of the project, the observation wells were incorporated into the observation well network in 1972.  The purpose of WSA Conquest No. 501 was to monitor the horizontal hydraulic gradient in the surficial stratified drift between the reservoir site and MacDonald Creek. It is completed to a depth of 8.24 metres in surficial stratified drift sands belonging to the Saskatoon Group. These sands are underlain in descending order by the Battleford Formation, Floral Formation, Sutherland Group and Tyner Valley aquifer.  Part of the water infiltrating into the surficial drift flows laterally to the reservoir site and to MacDonald Creek while a portion moves downward through the confining layer into the Tyner Valley aquifer.

The hydrograph for Conquest 501 shows strong seasonal fluctuations with lows typically occurring in March-April prior to the onset of snow melt with the maximums occurring in late summer.  Annual fluctuations vary from about .2 metres to over a meter.  A declining water level trend occurred in the well from 2006 until 2010 when it reached a record low of about 566.1 metres.  Since that time, water levels have risen dramatically with a record high water level of just over 568.5 metres being reached in 2012. 

Water from is of the calcium-bicarbonate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 616 mg/L.

LocationNW04-23-30-10 W3 
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