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WSA Conquest No.500

As part of the Conquest Reservoir Site Evaluation study, five observation wells were constructed in 1971 to study the influence of the proposed reservoir and irrigation projects on groundwater levels.  After suspension of the project, the observation wells were incorporated into the observation well network in 1972.  WSA Conquest 500 is located adjacent to the Conquest Valley aquifer and is completed to a depth of 19.16 metres in fine grained sands belonging to the Saskatoon Group, which rests on disturbed bedrock.  Water infiltrating the aquifer moves downward and laterally into the Conquest Valley aquifer, which in turn discharges into the Tyner Valley aquifer.

Conquest 500 has shown a continuous water level rise of over 2 metres since monitoring began in 1972.  This increase has been particularly strong over the past couple of years leading to record high water level of over 541.2 metres in 2013. 

Water obtained from the well is of the calcium-sulphate type and has a sum of ions of about  2500 mg/L. 

Location SW13-14-30-09 W3
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