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WSA Buena Vista 09-93

Buena Vista 09 was completed in 1993 to a depth of 109.58 metres into Empress Group sands and gravels forming the Buena Vista aquifer.  It was completed as part of a groundwater supply investigation by the Town of Regina Beach.  The Water Security Agency began monitoring it in 1998 due to concerns of the potential for water quality changes to be induced by pumping.   

The hydrograph for the well shows that it is being influenced by pumping by the Resort Village of Buena Vista.  This results in significant annual water level fluctuations of up to 2.5 metres in the well.  Low water levels can drop below 509.5 metres while high levels can reach above 512 metres. 

The Buena Vista aquifer is hydraulically continuous with the Lumsden Channel aquifer in which Buena Vista 18 is completed.  The two aquifers are distinguished based on water chemistry.

In addition to monitoring groundwater levels, Buena Vista 09 is sampled annually for water chemistry.  While there has been some variation in the water chemistry from this well, the chemical analysis attached below shows sodium bicarbonate type water with a sum of ions of about 812 mg/L.

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