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WSA Bruno

Observation well WSA Bruno monitors the central portion of the Hatfield Valley aquifer.  It was constructed in 1972 to depth of 180.06 metres into the upper portion of the aquifer, which is formed by sands and gravels of the Empress Group.  The aquifer is overlain by 175 metres of drift, consisting mainly of till. The well was installed as a water supply well for a freeze desalination project conducted by the Saskatchewan Research Council from 1972 to 1978 near the Town of Bruno.  In December 1980 the well was incorporated in the network. 

The minimum water level in the well of just over 545.5 metres occurred in 1985.  Since 2005, water levels in the well have risen sharply with the current high levels of about 547.6 metres being the highest on record.  While the Town of Bruno utlized this aquifer until 1997, the Research Council inferred that the well had also been influenced by pumping from an unknown source. They also concluded that water level fluctuations were influenced by near surface moisture loading. 

The Hatfield Valley aquifer at the well site yields water of the calcium/magnesium-sulphate type with a sum of ions of 2430 mg/L.

Location SE14-09-38-25 W2
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