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WSA Blucher No. 3 and No. 4

Observation well WSA Blucher 4 was constructed by the Saskatchewan Research Council in 1972 as part of a freeze-desalination study.  Following that study, the well was incorporated into the network in 1998.  Blucher 4 is completed at a depth of 50.63 metres into an intertill aquifer composed of sand and gravel of the Floral Formation.  As part of the freeze-desalination study the Research Council had also completed well Blucher 3 to a depth of 79.26 metres in Empress Group sand.  However, this well was never incorporated into the network.  The Research Council found that the head in Blucher 3 was slightly higher than in Blucher 4 and concluded that the area is a groundwater discharge area. 

The minimum water level elevation experienced in Blucher 4 was about 518.4 metres in 2004, while the maximum water level of about 519.25 occurred in 2011 and again in 2013.   

Groundwater from Blucher 4 is of sodium-sulphate type and has a total dissolved solids concentration of approximately 3100 mg/L.

Location SW04-27-35-02 W3
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