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WSA Beauval

Observation well WSA Beauval is the most northerly of the network wells and was constructed in 1974 to a depth of 16.09 metres in a shallow aquifer to observe natural groundwater level fluctuations in an area of virgin forest.  When the well was drilled, the Saskatchewan Research Council concluded that the stratigraphic interval in which it is completed was glacially disturbed. Water infiltrating into the aquifer is believed to move laterally toward Beaver River, located approximately five kilometres east of the observation well.

The hydrograph for WSA Beauval shows some of the most pronounced seasonal water level fluctuations of any of the network wells with fluctuations in a given year often approaching one metre.  Minimum water levels typically occur in late March while the maximums occcur in the June-September period.  The record low water level of about 428.9 metres occurred in 1994 and a record high of about 431.2 metres occcurred in 2008, which was matched by the 2013 peak.     

The aquifer yields water of the calcium-bicarbonate type, with a sum of ions concentration of approximately 316 mg/L.

Location SE09-03-71-12 W3
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