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WSA Baildon 59

WSA Baildon 059 was constructed in 1974 to observe natural groundwater level fluctuations in a shallow aquifer in an area selected for an effluent irrigation project, which began in 1982. The well is completed to a total depth of 30.42 metres in the basal sand and gravel deposits of the Moose Jaw Moraine. These deposits are overlain by fluvio-glacial silt and sand, deposited in an ice-walled marginal channel. Water infiltrating the surficial sand moves downward through a confining silt layer into the basal aquifer and then laterally toward the Moose Jaw River where the aquifer discharges.

The record low level on the hydrograph for Baildon 059 of about 573 metres above sea level occurred in 1982 while the record high level of 576.7 metres occurred in 1999.  Since 2010 water levels have been increasing and in 2013 they matched the historic high water level.  The aquifer appears to be influenced by the irrigation project.

Groundwater from WSA Baildon 059 is of the calcium-bicarbonate type and has a sum of ions concentration of approximately 1230 mg/L.

Land Location  SW-04-34-15-26-W2
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