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Swift Current Mapsheet 72J

Report - Groundwater Resources of the Swift Current (72J) area, Saskatchewan

Although the Water Security Agency has exercised all reasonable care in the compilation, interpretation, and production of this item, it is not possible to ensure total accuracy, and all persons who rely on the information contained herein do so at their own risk. The Water Security Agency and the Government of Saskatchewan do not accept liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may be included in or derived from, this item.

Map 1-Index Map, Cross Sections, and Testhole Locations
Map 2-Bedrock Surface Geology of the Swift Current Area
Map 3-Drift Thickness in the Swift Current Area
Map 4-Top of Judith River Formation
Map 5-Thickness of the Judith River Formation
Map 6-AVI of the Judith River Formation
Map 7-Extent and Depth of the Outlook Sand Member
Map 8-Extent and Depth of the Matador Sand Member
Map 9-Extent and Depth of the Demaine Sand Member
Map 10-Extent and Depth of the Ardkenneth Sand Member
Map 11-Extent and Depth of the Cruikshank-Thelma Sand Member
Map 12-AVI of the Bearpaw Sands Member Aquifer
Map 13_Extent and Depth of the Eastend-Cypress Hills Aquifer
Map 14-Thickness of the Cypress-Eastend Aquifer
Map 15-AVI of the Cypress-Eastend Aquifer
Map 16-Empress Group Aquifers
Map 17-AVI of the Empress Group Aquifers
Map 18-Sutherland Group Aquifers
Map 19-AVI of the Sutherland Group Aquifers
Map 20-Saskatoon Group Aquifers
Map 21-AVI of the Saskatoon Group Aquifers
Map 22-Surficial Stratified Drift Aquifers
Map 23-Surficial Geology of the Swift Current Area
Map 24-Surface Topography of the Swift Current Area
Cross Sections
Cross Section A-A'
Cross Section B-B'
Cross Section C-C'
Cross Section D-D'
Cross Section E-E'
Cross Section F-F'
Cross Section G-G'
Cross Section H-H'
Cross Section I-I'
Cross Section J-J'
Cross Section K-K'
Cross Section L-L'
Cross Section M-M'