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Prince Albert Mapsheet 73H

Report - Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Prince Albert Area (73H), Saskatchewan

Although the Water Security Agency has exercised all reasonable care in the compilation, interpretation, and production of this item, it is not possible to ensure total accuracy, and all persons who rely on the information contained herein do so at their own risk. The Water Security Agency and the Government of Saskatchewan do not accept liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may be included in or derived from, this item.

Map 1a- Cross Sections and Testhole Locations 
Map 1b- Surficial Sand and Gravels
Map 2- Floral Sands and Gravels
Map 3- Interglacial Sands and Gravels
Map 4- Sutherland and Empress Group Aquifers
Map 5- Bedrock Surface Geology and Topography
Cross Sections
Cross Section SE G-G' NE D-D'
Cross Section SW E-E' NW C-C'
Cross Section NW B-B' SWSE A-A'
Cross Section NW NE A-A' 
Cross Section SE E-E' NE B-B'
Cross Section SE F-F' NE C-C' 
Cross Section SE H-H' NE E-E'
Cross Section SW F-F' NW D-D'
Cross Section SW G-G' NW E-E'
Cross Section SW SE B-B'
Cross Section SW SE C-C'
Cross Section SW SE D-D'
Cross Section SW H-H' NW F-F'