Permits and Approvals

Apply for a Permit or Licence

If the application you need is unavailable below, please contact WSA at 306-694-3900.

Application and Approval for Drainage Works: For more information about drainage approvals, please see Drainage Approvals Three Steps

Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit 

Chemical Control of Aquatic Nuisances in and/or Near Surface Water Permit
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Construction of Waterworks and Sewage Works

Operate a Waterworks Permit

Operate a Sewage Works Permit

(Drainage) Request for Assistance

Permission to Dispose of Liquid Domestic Waste

Permit to Conduct Ground Water Investigation (RG-122) (coming soon)

Permit to Transport and Dispose of Liquid Domestic Waste

Reservoir Development Permit under the Water Security Agency Regulations

Temporary Water Rights Licence Application RG-113 (PDF version) (coming soon)

Temporary Water Rights Licence (Online Products Portal)

Water Rights Licence and Approval to Construct and Operate Works Application (RG-103) (coming soon)

Water Well Drilling Machine Registration Application RG-130 (coming soon)