Annual Report

Letter of Transmittal

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

I respectfully submit the Annual Report of the Water Security Agency (WSA) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020.

The end of the fiscal year was timed with the arrival of an unprecedented global pandemic that brought home the criticality and responsiveness of our Province’s central priorities, including the security, safety and reliability of Saskatchewan’s water supplies. The health crisis demonstrated the foresight of our Government’s 25-Year Water Security Plan which prioritizes a commitment to training, inspections, monitoring, reporting, education and compliance of all regulated drinking and waste water facilities in Saskatchewan. While safe water may be taken for granted, it is through the rigorous oversight of WSA that we can continue to guarantee those vital standards during these uncertain times.

WSA continued to progress other ongoing initiatives, strategies and commitments within the 25-Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan during 2019-20, supporting economic growth, quality of life and environmental well-being, now and into the future, while reflecting government’s accountability and expenditure management commitments.

I thank the professionals at WSA, as well as many people active in our municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors for their continuing collaborative work on ensuring we manage our water resources successfully for the future.



Honourable Greg Ottenbreit

Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency