Annual Report

Letter of Transmittal

His Honour, the Honourable W. Thomas Molloy, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

May it Please Your Honour:

I respectfully submit the Annual Report of the Water Security Agency for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019.

The fiscal year showed strong results on many of the initiatives, strategies and commitments within the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan, which sets out the Government’s agenda to ensure water supplies will support economic growth, quality of life, and environmental well-being, now and into the future, while honouring government’s accountability and expenditure management commitments.

The progress on implementing the new Agricultural Water Management strategy stands as a particularly noteworthy achievement.

A record 1,507 quarters were brought into regulatory compliance in 2018-19, 92 per cent of which occurred through approvals as opposed to closures. That’s more than double the last fiscal year and represents a 10-fold annual increase since 2014-15.

To further the training and resources needed to implement the Strategy, Premier Moe announced $5 million in funding to the Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Authority in March, which was followed by a subsequent federal/provincial commitment of $1.3 million through the BRACE (Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise) program. WSA plans workshops for up to 2,500 producers to help them incorporate climate change and mitigation strategies into theirwater management projects.

The transition of previously federally owned water infrastructure in southwest Saskatchewan to Water Security Agency continued with three more dams and two canals added to be transferred to the province and the transition date extended to March 31, 2021. Once completed, WSA will oversee a provincial system of conveyance channels and 72 dams. This will allow WSA to look holistically at water management across the province for the benefit of our economy, our environment and our recreational facilities users.

WSA will continue its strong core commitment to ensuring the safety of drinking water supplies that are critical to protecting public health and will maintain its rigorous commitment to inspections, monitoring, reporting, education and compliance for all regulated works in Saskatchewan.


Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Dustin Duncan

Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency


This report, including the transmittal letter, was prepared before the recent decease of His Honour,the Honourable Thomas Molloy, OC, QC, on July 2, 2019. As the office of the Lieutenant Governor is vacant at the time of transmittal, no change has been made to the transmittal letter.