Annual Plan

I am pleased to present the Water Security Agency’s Plan for 2016-17.

Government Direction and Budget for 2016-17 invests in people and infrastructure to Keep Saskatchewan Strong, and initiates a government wide exercise of transformational change to ensure the sustainability of high quality public services delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible. The 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan sets out the Government’s agenda to ensure water supplies will support economic growth, quality of life and environmental well-being, now and into the future. The Water Security Agency has made significant progress implementing this plan since it was released in 2012. Through 2016-17 Water Security will focus on continued implementation of the 25 Year Plan and the 10 Year Infrastructure Renewal Plan as well as providing strong service to citizens.

Sound legislation is key to providing high quality services. During the year, Water Security Agency will consult with citizens on the development of new, comprehensive water legislation. In 2015-16, the Water Security Agency initiated the delivery of the new Agricultural Water Management Strategy with two pilot projects in southeast Saskatchewan. As the next phase of implementation, using a risk based approach, in 2016-17, all drainage works in priority areas will be brought into compliance.

In 2016-17 we will also invest $12.5 million as part of a ten year $100 million project to rehabilitate the M1 Canal, reducing water loss, ensuring security of supply and increase capacity by 52 per cent to support future growth in irrigation, communities and industry. Infrastructure renewal is a major focus in 2016-17. Significant investments will be made in seven water management structures across the province to ensure dam safety and reliability in order to deliver water supplies to support Saskatchewan’s growth.

With a growing population our government is ensuring the safety of drinking water supplies that are critical to protecting public health. The Water Security Agency will continue to promote and ensure safe drinking water for Saskatchewan residents through inspections, monitoring, reporting, education and compliance for all regulated works in Saskatchewan.

The Water Security Agency will report on plan achievements, within the financial parameters provided, in the 2016-17 Annual Report.


Honourable Herb Cox,
Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency

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