Annual Plan

Dustin Duncan

I am pleased to present the Water Security Agency's (WSA) 2019-20 plan in the context of the Government Direction and Budget for 2019-20.

Government Direction and Budget for 2019-20 is focused on The Right Balance for Saskatchewan.We are returning to a balanced budget with sound fiscal management while keeping taxes low, supporting economic growth and ensuring quality government programs and services for people and businesses in Saskatchewan.

Through taking the next steps in the 25-Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan, WSA will continue its foundational water management work to help realize the Government’s goals, while focusing on providing exceptional service to citizens.

Water is a paramount priority to our province, our economy, our recreational endeavors and our way of life. Our government is increasing capital investment in Saskatchewan’s water infrastructure by 72 per cent to a record $75.0 million. Over two fiscal years, this will come close to tripling the province’s capital support of the Province’s network of 69 dams and water conveyance structures.

Sustainable agricultural water management is also key to the future prosperity in Saskatchewan.WSA will oversee the continuing progress of the Agricultural Water Management Strategy with over 1,000 quarters expected to come into compliance in 2018-19. In 2019-20, WSA will continue the evolution of this strategy through heightened communication efforts, the development of a wetland inventory and evolution of compliance efforts and operational procedures. Our agricultural producers are excellent stewards of our land, and we will help facilitate the transition over time to ensure all our farmlands have sustainable agriculture water management projects.

WSA will continue supporting the Province’s “Prairie Resilience” climate response plan by improving local community preparedness through tools such as improved flow forecasting and flood plain mapping tools. By enhancing how we prepare for extreme weather conditions, be they flooding or drought, we can help equip Saskatchewan communities for the climate resiliency they will need for the future.

Lastly, we will continue with our core mandate to ensure the safety and integrity of Saskatchewan’s drinking water supplies. WSA will continue to promote and ensure safe drinking water for Saskatchewan residents through inspections, monitoring, reporting, education and compliance forall regulated works in Saskatchewan.


Honourable Dustin Duncan,
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

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