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Strategic Plans and Reports

Strategic plans document our direction, goals and expectations of ourselves set through our strategic planning process.

25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan

Annual Plans

Annual Reports

Drinking Water Annual Report


Drinking Water and Wastewater Management

Selected WSA publications about drinking water and wastewater management


Water Use

Community Water Use Records

 Watershed Report

2010 State of the Watershed Report


Water Management

The History of Water Management in Saskatchewan (in development)

Water Demand Study


Flood Damage Reduction

This report reviews the successes, shortcomings and cost-benefits analysis of the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFRDP).

2011 Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program Report


Qu'Appelle Nutrient Mass Balance 

The Qu’Appelle Nutrient Mass Balance Report examines the concentration and load (total amount over time) of nutrients entering, being retained and leaving the Qu’Appelle River and tributaries within the watershed.

The Qu'Appelle Nutrient Mass Balance Report, 2013-2016