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July 31 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

July 31, 2016 - Dropping river levels are creating new challenges, hazards, and water access issues for crews, especially those in boats. 12 booms are deployed along the river where they can be most effective in recovering oil.

7 km of shoreline has been washed and preliminarily cleaned, with the pace of cleanup being about 2 km per day. Aerial observations of work along the shoreline and excavations from the initial point show great improvement and a lot of work that has been done.

945 water samples have been taken since the beginning of the operations, with more than 600 of those samples having already been analyzed. More information on overall water quality and impact assessment will be available in the days ahead.

Crews continue to work on a water pipeline from the Town of Battleford to the City of North Battleford (Official) while the city supply is holding up well. The water pipeline from the South Saskatchewan River to City of Prince Albert is expected to be completed today. There is still lots of ongoing coordination and work in trucking in water to rural areas and First Nations.

Motorists are reminded to please follow posted speed limits and instructions where water pipelines are crossing the highways. For more information, please see the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline athttp://www.saskatchewan.ca/highwayhotline

There have been 42 wildlife mortalities to date, a combination of birds, fish, and other wildlife, and 13 wildlife in recovery being treated by Focus Wildlife in Maidstone, with support from Husky. Anyone encountering an impacted animal or bird should call Husky Energy’s 24-hour emergency line at: 1-877-262-2111.

If you require further information on the provincial response, please contact the Provincial Help Line at 1-844-407-0077.