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July 30 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

July 30, 2016 - Containment and clean-up efforts continue to adjust as river levels drop. 6 km of shoreline has had preliminary cleanup done, with 95% of shoreline cleanup assessment complete up to Highway 21.

70 boats are involved currently in conducting water sampling, shoreline assessments, rescuing impacted wildlife and cleanup & containment efforts. Boom deployments continue near the spill location where they are most effective in recovering oil.

A team of specialists from various levels of government and industry experts are working on the analysis of the data that will inform decisions regarding downstream users. Included on that team are representatives from the Water Security Agency, the Ministry of Environment, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Centre for Toxicology and Environmental Health, the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence.

There have been 33 wildlife mortalities, which is a combination of birds, fish and other wildlife. 12 wildlife are in recovery, where they are being treated by Focus Wildlife in Maidstone, with support from Husky. Anyone encountering an impacted animal or bird should call Husky Energy’s 24-hour emergency line at: 1-877-262-2111.

If you require further information on the provincial response, please contact the Provincial Help Line at 1-844-407-0077.