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July 27 situation update on Husky oil spill:

July 27, 2016 - Shoreline cleanup and assessment specialists are onsite and continue to make progress on cleanup. There are 9 booms currently deployed and being utilized where they can be most effective. Updates on spill related cleanup activities are available on Husky's website athttp://huskyenergy.com/news/saskatchewan-updates.asp

For the health and safety of the public, residents are being advised to limit recreational activity along the North Saskatchewan River, including but not limited to swimming, tubing/skiing/wakeboarding, other water recreation, allowing pets or livestock near water, and eating fish from the river.

The temporary water pipeline being constructed to transport water from the South Saskatchewan River to the Prince Albert water treatment facility is now expected to be completed by Friday.

Husky has a toll free line to help those affected by the incident. A team is standing by to assist with questions and to help people through the claims process for compensation. Call 1-844-461-7991 or email  info@braemar.com.

For detailed information on water advisories, visithttps://www.wsask.ca/advisories or contact your local municipal office.

A wildlife determent program has been implemented to deter wildlife from accessing the shoreline and cleanup area where there is oil present. There are currently 14 wildlife mortalities accounted for, and rescued wildlife are being treated by the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

Anyone encountering an impacted animal or bird should call Husky Energy’s 24-hour emergency line at: 1-877-262-2111.