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July 25 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

July 25, 2016 - Water levels have receded some, which will reduce the amount of debris damaging booms along the North Saskatchewan River. Booms are being well-maintained in all locations. Excavation of contaminated soil and oil recovery is continuing.

Provincial officials have been in touch with municipalities affected by oil downstream on the river. The oiled water reached North Battleford July 23, and is expected to reach the City of Prince Albert today. Both cities have closed their water supply intake. The Muskoday and Cumberland First Nations have advised community members and taken measures to conserve and stock water. Husky energy will work directly with First Nations communities to update them on impacts and to help coordinate cleanup efforts.

There have been 6 wildlife mortalities: 4 birds, 1 fish, and 1 frog. Rescued birds are being treated with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan, with support from Husky. Anyone encountering an impacted animal or bird can call Husky’s 24-hour emergency line at: 1-877-262-2111. A wildlife determent program is being implemented to deter wildlife from encountering the shoreline and cleanup area where there is oil present.

Ongoing assessments continue to be done aerially, on the ground, and along the shoreline of the river to assess impacts to the environment and to wildlife.