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August 5 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

Aug. 5, 2016 - Cleanup progress continues downstream along the shoreline, with manual shoreline cleanup in the most heavily impacted area being complete. There are more than 600 people involved with the response.

Water samples continue to be collected, and analysis on the impact to drinking water and aquatic life is ongoing.

Disinfection of the water line from the Town of Battleford to the City of North Battleford continues and will be followed up by testing before that water flows to homes. The City of Prince Albert's lines drawing water from both the South Saskatchewan River and the Little Red River are producing water from the treatment plant, and some restrictions have been lifted.

The city has also announced it has restored water services to the Rural Water Utility, two mobile home parks, and the municipal water crane.

There are now 69 wildlife mortalities in total (yesterday, we reported 71 in error, a result of double-counting), 33 fish, 26 birds/waterfowl, and 10 mammals. 12 wildlife are in recovery at Focus Wildlife in Maidstone with support from Husky. Anyone encountering an impacted animal or bird should call Husky Energy’s 24-hour emergency line at: 1-877-262-2111.

Husky has opened a claims clinic in the City of Prince Albert.

As the situation is now entering a more stable maintenance mode, the next update on the Husky Oil Spill Response will be provided next week.