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August 4 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

Aug. 4, 2016 - Manual shoreline cleanup with rakes and shovels has been completed in the most heavily impacted area from the site of the spill. Shoreline cleanup and washing, including soil and vegetation removal, continues.
Boats are out conducting assessments and cleaning up along the shoreline, looking for impacted wildlife, and taking more water samples, which continue to be analyzed.
There was a delay in the disinfection of the water line from the Town of Battleford to the City of North Battleford and it is now expected to be taking place today. The City of Prince Albert's lines drawing water from both the South Saskatchewan River and the Little Red River are producing water from the treatment plant, and some restrictions have been lifted.
Husky consultants have shared preliminary water quality data to municipalities based on comprehensive sampling at several points along the river. Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency will also be conducting its own independent water testing along the river. Husky's water quality evaluation update is now available to the public.
There have been 71 wildlife mortalities in total, which is a combination of birds, fish, and other wildlife. 9 wildlife are in recovery at Focus Wildlife in Maidstone with support from Husky.