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August 2 Situation Update on Husky oil spill

Aug. 2, 2016 - Preliminary shoreline washing and cleanup continues today; skimming booms and other control measures will assist with containing material that could become dislodged and re-suspended into the water.

More water samples have been analyzed. Results from analyzed samples are currently being reviewed.

The water pipeline from the Town of Battleford to the City of North Battleford is expected to be completed today. The water pipeline from the South Saskatchewan River to Prince Albert is expected to be up and running today.

There is a total of 58 wildlife mortalities, a combination of birds, fish, and other wildlife. Seven wildlife are in recovery at Focus Wildlife in Maidstone with support from Husky.

If you require further information on the provincial response, please contact the Provincial Help Line at 1-844-407-0077.