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August 1 Situation update on Husky oil spill:

Aug. 1, 2016 - Rain in the area has slowed some progress over the weekend but boats and crews are back out now taking more samples, assessing, and cleaning up. Shoreline treatment and remediation plans are now being developed and reviewed by regulatory agencies.

Skimming booms and other control measures are in place to contain any material that might become dislodged and re-suspended into the water as we work through the shoreline cleanup activities.

Work continues to install a treated water pipeline from the Town of Battleford to the City of North Battleford (Official) today. The City of Prince Albert was making potable water overnight with raw water sourced from the Little Red River. Filters, chlorine disinfection and UV disinfection is working properly and potable water is being sent to city potable water reservoirs and the city is increasing pressure to the city water distribution system.

There are a total of 49 wildlife mortalities, a combination of birds, fish, and other wildlife, and 8 wildlife in recovery at Focus Wildlife in Maidstone with support from Husky.

If you require further information on the provincial response, please contact the Provincial Help Line at 1-844-407-0077.