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Proposed Quill Lakes Diversion Project Will Not Move Forward

Sept. 17, 2015 - The provincial government is not proceeding with the Kutawagan Creek Diversion Project for the Quill Lakes.

The proposed project would have reduced Quill Lake water levels by diverting fresh water from Kutawagan Creek away from Quill Lake to Last Mountain Lake.

The Water Security Agency undertook survey and design work to assess the feasibility of the project, including constructing a berm east of Highways 6 and 16 at Kutawagan inlet to Big Quill Lake, a channel to divert fresh water from Kutawagan to Last Mountain Lake and control structure at the Kutawagan spill point east of Nokomis.

The Water Security Agency held extensive public consultations with stakeholders, including municipalities, businesses, agriculture producers, land owners, cabin owners, and environmental and community organizations.  In addition, nearly 500 people participated in four public open house meetings.

“The feedback from stakeholder and public consultations is important and we have heard the concerns on this issue and have decided not to proceed with this project,” Minister responsible for Water Security Agency Herb Cox said.  “The Water Security Agency will continue to look at other potential options for the situation at the Quill Lakes.”

The Water Security Agency will now be reviewing other possible alternatives around the Quill Lakes including, but not limited to, application of the risk-based drainage regulations in the new Agricultural Water Management Strategy.

“We are committed to working together with all stakeholders on any other projects that may be considered in the future,” Cox said.


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