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$10 Million Rehabilitation of M1 Canal Underway

Nov. 26, 2014 - The provincial government today announced construction is underway on a $10 million rehabilitation of four kilometres of the M1 Canal and replacement of a major wasteway structure. This project will see the bed of the canal enlarged from 6.1 m to 9.5 m, which will help to increase the flow of water and provide a more secure source of water for users in the area.

“As Saskatchewan continues to grow, the sustainability of our water supply has become increasingly important,” Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency Scott Moe said. “By rehabilitating the M1 Canal we’re ensuring there is a major source of water for not only the agricultural and industrial sectors, but many people in nearby towns, villages, and Blackstrap Provincial Park.”

Since 2010, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested over $20 million in the rehabilitation of the M1 Canal. This work includes relining and enlarging portions of the canal, installing gravel armour, and replacing and retrofitting a number of concrete structures, railings, and walkways. This work is part of a multi-year project to rehabilitate the entire canal.

“The M1 Canal is very important to our province and provides major benefits to not only producers but a wide variety of areas,” Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association Chairman Roger Pederson said. “I applaud the Government’s commitment to renewing this important piece of provincial infrastructure.”

Constructed in the 1960s, the M1 Canal is a 22.5 km long water supply canal extending from Lake Diefenbaker to Broderick Reservoir near Outlook.  The canal provides water for 37,000 acres of irrigation in the Saskatchewan River Irrigation District.

The M1 Canal also provides water to the Saskatoon South East Water Supply system.  This system supplies water to a further 18,000 acres of irrigation, six reservoirs, towns and villages, three potash mines, 13 wetlands projects and the Blackstrap Provincial Park. 

                                    Before                                                          After 

M1 Canal before Rehabilitation       M1 Canal after Rehabilitation



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