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Souris Conservation Authority Receives Water Control Funding

June 24, 2014 - Today, Minister responsible for the Water Security Agency Scott Moe announced $108,810 for the Souris Conservation and Development Area Authority (CAA) through the Water Control Assistance Program.

Located near Weyburn, the Souris CAA helps to remove excess water by maintaining 83 miles of ditches which facilitate regular agricultural practices on 218,000 acres.  The maintenance work includes channel clearing, levelling, earth and rock work on a structure outlet and ditch mowing.

“Over the last few years with above normal precipitation conditions across the province, the Water Control Program has proved to be very valuable to a number of communities,” Moe said.  “Agriculture continues to be the backbone of our economy and this program goes a long way to helping Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers and municipalities to deal with water-related issues.”

In 2013, the Water Security Agency provided $1.2 million in grants through the Water Control Program.  Nearly, $700,000 in funding for channel clearing went to 114 rural municipalities, nine CAAs and one watershed association.  Also, 72 CAAs, four watershed associations and one urban municipality were approved for $520,000 in funding for maintenance.  This funding is used to maintain ditches and other flood control infrastructure.

The Water Security Agency was created to lead implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.  The plan will improve water management capacity and service to individuals, businesses and communities across Saskatchewan.  The agency brings together all of the major responsibilities related to water quality and quantity.


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