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April 26, 2013 -- With new applications coming in daily, more than $1.6 million has been allocated to more than 300 clients through the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program.  This funding is helping to prevent flood damage by investing in mitigation efforts across Saskatchewan.

“This program has been very successful so far and we want to ensure all Saskatchewan communities, businesses, First Nations and individuals continue to prepare for potential flooding,” Minster responsible for the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency Ken Cheveldayoff said.  “With runoff anticipated to be in full swing within the week, I encourage anyone who feels a mitigation project, temporary or permanent will help to protect them against imminent flooding contact the Water Security Agency as soon as possible.”

Many communities and First Nations are sandbagging, installing culverts, clearing channels and building berms to ensure they are protected against flooding this spring.  This includes projects like the Parrish and Heimbecker building in Moose Jaw where a dyke is being constructed to prevent flooding.

“With the amount of snow still around the province, many RMs could be dealing with water-related issues this spring,” Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities President David Marit said.  “Programs like this not only help us to mitigate the impacts of flooding today, but in the future as well.”   

Since 2011, the Water Security Agency has provided $25 million to assist in the construction of 580 permanent flood mitigation works across the province.  These investments have helped Saskatchewan communities in their efforts to create permanent protection from flooding.

The Water Security Agency was created to lead implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.  It will improve water management capacity and service to individuals, businesses and communities across Saskatchewan.  This new agency brings together, for the first time, all of the major responsibilities related to water quality and quantity.


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