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The Water Security Agency is offering five year agricultural permits beginning in 2017 for use of pasture and hay land located in the Carrot River area.  Three year haying permits are also being offered for cutting, baling and removing bales at Gardiner Dam and Qu’Appelle Dam.  These areas have been seeded to a mixture of forage grasses and have been divided into various size plots.  The available locations are listed below.


Carrot River Area

R.M. #

Land Description




NE 14-48-15 W2


Pasture land.  Maximum allotted use annually is 116 Animal Unit Months (AUM) if all acres are grazed. 


NE 24-48-15 W2


Hay land.  No usage fees for 2017 as land recovers from accidental spraying.



Gardiner Dam

1,139 acres of hay land in 5 plots

Permit Fee will be reduced to half the annual rate in consideration of the WSA instrumentation located on the hay plots and the frequent need for WSA to access it.

Qu’Appelle Dam

140 acres of hay land in 1 plot



  1. Application forms and parcel maps can be found on the right hand column of this page.
  2. Sealed applications marked "Permit Application" must be received by 1:30 p.m., May 2nd, 2017, at the Water Security Agency Office, 400 - 111 Fairford Street East, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, S6H 7X9, ATTN: Lands, emailed to lands@wsask.ca or faxed to 306-694-3105.
  3. Water Security Agency reserves the right to withdraw any lands from this offering at any time.
  4. Acreages as stated are approximate. Applicants must rely on their own personal inspection of the land for condition, fencing, water source, etc.
  5. Successful applicants must report their annual usage on the prescribed form no later than November 1st in each year of the permit.
  6. Water Security Agency calculates usage fees using the fee schedule set annually by Ministry of Agriculture which may change each year of the permit.  Usage fees are calculated on the number of acres cut for hay, the number of Animal Unit Months (AUM) used on pasture land, and the number of acres seeded.  Successful applicants must pay the Water Security Agency the full amount of the invoiced usage fees immediately upon receiving the invoice. 
  7. Municipal taxes are the responsibility of the successful applicant and must be paid immediately upon receiving the municipal tax notice.  This amount is in addition to the usage fee incurred by the successful applicant.  The hay land at Gardiner Dam and Qu’Appelle Dam are exempt from municipal taxation.
  8. Haying season is July 1 to October 31 unless otherwise stated.
  9. Grazing season is June 1 to October 31 unless otherwise stated.
  10. Successful applicants must have legal access to the land or written agreements for crossing adjoining lands.
  11. Water Security Agency may enter the lands at any time without prior notice to make repairs or improvements or to determine the condition of the lands.
  12. Successful applicants are responsible for fence maintenance; there is no compensation for fencing.
  13. Successful applicants shall not restrict public access to the lands unless, and only with prior written consent from the Water Security Agency, the permitted agricultural use would be impaired.
  14. Water Security Agency may grant surface rights to the lands to third parties for exploration and development of mines, minerals, topsoil, gravel or any other commodity, and shall have exclusive rights to negotiate and grant any licence, surface lease or easement and all considerations payable shall belong to the Water Security Agency.  No compensation is payable by the Water Security Agency to the successful applicant as a result of any third party’s access to or use of the lands.


For more information, contact:

Jo-Ann Burley
Land Administration Officer
Water Security Agency
400 - 111 Fairford St. E.
Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 7X9
phone:  306-694-3688
fax:  306-694-3105
email:  lands@wsask.ca