About WSA

Executive Management Team


  • Susan Ross, LLM, President and CEO
  • John Fahlman, MSc (Hydrology), MASc, PEng, PGeo, Vice-President, Technical Services
  • Sam Ferris, BSc (Hons), Acting Vice-President, Regulatory
  • Marjorie Simington, LLM, General Counsel
  • Ron Blackwell, MSc (Geography), Executive Director, Planning and Business Improvement
  • Patrick Boyle, BSc (Communications Studies), RTBN, Executive Director, Communications and Client Services
  • Doug Johnson, BSc (Biology), BSc (Engineering), PEng,  Executive Director, Special Projects
  • Clinton Molde, MSc (Engineering), MBA, PEng, Executive Director, Integrated Water Services
  • Lillian Schweitzer, CPA, CMA, Acting Executive Director, Corporate Services and CFO