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High Water Level Update – Churchill River System/Cumberland House

July 15, 2020 -- Flows on the Saskatchewan River coupled with record wet conditions in the basin north of Cumberland House and into the Churchill River System are causing very high water levels in the Cumberland Delta.

The peak water level of 268.01m is expected to occur in 9 to 10 days on July 25. This water level is less than experienced in 2011 and efforts are underway to ensure flood proofing measures,  commissioned after 2013, are operational.   Preparations are underway with the community and other agencies of government.  It should be noted that flooding at Cumberland House is very dynamic and can happen in different ways, but as of this time, an evacuation is not yet anticipated.

The peak water level of 268.01m is as referenced to the hydrometric station Cumberland Lake at Cumberland House 05KH002.

In comparison to the water previous years, this is higher than 2013 (267.91m) and 2005 (267.69m) but less than experienced on 2011 (268.46m)

Peaks and timing will be refined and analyzed daily to reflect conditions as they change.

For more information, please contact:

Ron Podbielski

(306) 550-2887