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High Moisture Levels in Tobin Lake Area

July 10, 2020 -- Continued high moisture on the Saskatchewan River system will lead to increased outflows immediately at EB Campbell Power Station, below Tobin Lake.

Flows are expected to surpass 2,000 cubic metres per second (m3/second) over the next day, leading to possible localized flooding in the delta area. Elevations are also expected to rise at Tobin Lake.

Local stakeholders are being notified of increased outflows.

Residents, communities and First Nations in these areas are advised that high flows pose a safety risk and high water levels could damage property and infrastructure over the coming days. Users are additionally advised to use caution around the watercourses as swift moving water can pose a hazard and to take steps to protect property where necessary. Conditions can be dangerous and change rapidly. Be aware of floating debris, unstable banks and high water velocities.


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Ron Podbielski

Water Security Agency