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Qu’Appelle River Channel Work to Impact Flows and Water Levels on Buffalo Pound Lake

Sept. 20, 2017 - The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of some annual channel maintenance work on the Qu’Appelle River.

Buffalo Pound Lake is being staged up to account for the stopping of flows into the lake while this work is performed. The current level of the lake is about 509.54 m. This is 7 cm above the top of the desirable summer operating range but within the range of where the lake has been at historically through open water seasons. WSA is storing additional water in the lake ahead of the planned shutdown of the upstream conveyance works for in-channel construction.

This work is required to maintain the conveyance capacity of the channel. Rain earlier this week also added to storage in the lake. WSA began staging down the Qu’Appelle River Dam outflows on Sept. 15 and will shut them off completely on Sept. 22.

Buffalo Pound Lake is not expected to climb any higher. Over the next few weeks during the shutdown period, water use, evaporation, and fishway outflow will bring the lake back down within its operating range. 

The 2017 channel maintenance work will include installation of rock riffle grade control structures.  The riffle structures will provide significant fish and aquatic life benefits as well as increasing the stability of the channel and thus improving the water quality in the channel.  


For more information, contact: 

Patrick Boyle
Water Security Agency
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