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Churchill River System Experiencing High Streamflows

May 26, 2017 – The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public that streamflows are above normal in all portions of the Churchill River System.

The combination of above normal precipitation over the past two months, along with snowmelt runoff volumes, is resulting in above normal flows within all portions of the system. Stream flows and lake levels in middle portions of the basin are about double normal peaks. The middle portions of the basin include the Haultain, Smoothstone, and Montreal Rivers.

Further increases are expected from the rainfall received this week. While at this time we do not expect stream flows and lake levels to reach the levels observed in 2011, the high flows do pose a safety risk and the high water may begin to damage property and infrastructure over the coming days.

All users are advised to use caution around the watercourses within the basin and to take steps to protect property where necessary.

The Water Security Agency is a unique organization in Canada - bringing together all of government's core water management responsibilities in one place. We manage the province's water supply, protect water quality, ensure safe drinking water and treatment of wastewater, own and manage 69 dams and related water supply channels, reduce flood and drought damage, protect aquatic habitat, and provide information about water. The Water Security Agency also represents Saskatchewan on transboundary water issues. For more information on water flows and spring runoff visit www.wsask.ca


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