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Water Security Agency Watching Precipitation Event Over The Long Weekend

Heavy winds could also create issues with ice movement on lakes  

April 12, 2017 - The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of a low pressure system expected to pass through the province over the weekend bringing heavy snow and rain over parts of central Saskatchewan. 

The heaviest snowfall accumulations are expected to occur over southern parts of the boreal forest from Meadow Lake Provincial Park over to Prince Albert National Park. Snowfall accumulations may be as high as 40 cm in these areas.  

With temperatures expected to remain near freezing following the event, a slow melt is expected. WSA does not expect significant flooding issues over these areas unless the weather conditions change.

The one area of concern is around Hudson Bay. Most watersheds in this area were quite wet following the rapid snowmelt that occurred in early April with most stream flows still in recession. If this weather event extends into this region is could create another response in the system.  WSA will be closely monitoring forecasts and accumulations in this area over the weekend. 

Another concern going into the weekend is the possibility of strong winds over southern parts of the province on Thursday.  These winds could result in lake ice that is melting and breaking up being shoved up on onto shores, potentially damaging shorelines and property. This is difficult to prevent or react too but recreational users in the area should be aware of this potential. 

WSA will continue to monitor the 2017 spring runoff conditions across Saskatchewan. Further updates will be issued as the spring runoff progresses. For more stream flows and lake levels information visit www.wsask.ca.


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