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Rainfall Event Causes Some Out Of Bank Flows

July 12, 2016 - The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public that there are some out of bank flows from the recent storm system.

The slow moving low pressure weather system over southeastern Saskatchewan continues to move through the province and will result in additional accumulations Tuesday and Wednesday as it moves further into Manitoba and dissipates. 

Rainfall with isolated thunderstorms could bring another 10-25 mm to central and east central areas of the province today. Over the last two days a number of areas have reported precipitation amounts in excess of 80 mm.

Heavy rainfall resulted in a significant response in smaller streams and tributaries in the areas hardest hit by the storm event with some out of bank flows occurring.  

Tributary flows in the Lower Saskatchewan River Basin, including the Torch and Carrot Rivers and other tributaries are either flooding out bank or increasing and approaching out of bank flooding. 

This encompasses the area east of Nipawin towards Cumberland House and southeast of Nipawin towards Hudson Bay.  Flows on Burntout Brook near Arborfield and the Pasquia River at Highway 9 are at record levels, approximately 1 in 200 year flows.  This is in response to the heavy precipitation over the past two days combined with above normal rainfall over the previous week.  Flows are expected to continue to rise over the coming week and may result in more flooding in the area. 

In the southwest, general accumulations over the area impacted were for the most part between 35-45 mm with higher accumulations where severe thunderstorm activity occurred.  This is resulting in some high flows in the upper part of the Notukeu Creek and Wood River basins.  Severe thunderstorm activity also impacted the Cities of Moose Jaw and Lloydminster on Monday.

Direct rainfall over Buffalo Pound Lake, Last Mountain, and Crooked Lakes resulted in these lakes rising slightly above the upper end of their desirable operating ranges.  They are still well below levels where flood damages would occur.  Tributaries to the system have not seen a significant response to the rainfall event.

WSA will continue to monitor the event and provide additional information as warranted. For more information on Stream Flows and Lake Levels visit www.wsask.ca.

A complete list of communities with a rainfall warning is available from Environment Canada at https://weather.gc.ca/warnings/index_e.html?prov=sk.