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Water Security Agency Reducing Outflow From Lake Diefenbaker

June 12, 2015 – The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public about a reduction in outflow from Lake Diefenbaker in order to conserve water in the lake.

Starting June 15, 2015, WSA will be further reducing the outflow from Gardiner Dam on the South Saskatchewan River from a weekly average of 100 cubic metres per second (m3/s) to 80 m3/s.

This reduction is an effort to conserve and maintain a certain level on the reservoir following an early melt of a below normal snowpack in the mountains and lack of rainfall in the Alberta foothills this spring. The current long-range forecasts are also calling for below normal precipitation levels for the summer months over the basin headwaters in Alberta.

The reduction in outflows will result in the South Saskatchewan River downstream of Gardiner Dam dropping by approximately 0.17 m from current levels. The South Saskatchewan River through the City of Saskatoon is expected to see a decrease of 0.08 m. Downstream of the Saskatoon weir the river will also decrease 0.17 m.          

Currently, Lake Diefenbaker is at 553.9 m which is roughly 0.5 m above the normal level for this time of year.  The lake level is above average because WSA responded to the low snow pack in the mountains by maintaining a higher level through late winter and spring.

Based on the current forecast, Lake Diefenbaker is not expected to reach its full supply level of 556.86 m this year. Unless there are some significant rainfall events, Lake Diefenbaker is expected to rise roughly another two metres by late summer.

The Water Security Agency was created to lead implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.  It will improve water management capacity and service to individuals, businesses and communities across Saskatchewan.  The agency brings together all of the major responsibilities related to water quality and quantity.


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