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Qu’Appelle Valley Lake Levels Update

June 26, 2015 – The Qu’Appelle Lakes are very important recreation areas.  The Water Security Agency (WSA) developed this bulletin to provide lake users and residents with information on lake levels, flows and current and planned operations of structures.  This report will be updated as operations change.  Daily information on lake levels and river flow can be located under stream flows and lake levels on the WSA website.


Flows out of Last Mountain Lake are declining as the lake declines and are currently about 25 cubic metres per second (m3/s).  Further downstream, at Welby, flows are now roughly 38 m3/s.  While declining, these flows are well above median levels for this time of year. 

With the gradual decline in flows on the river, lake levels downstream from Last Mountain Lake are declining.  There are also high losses from evaporation which is accelerating the decline of Last Mountain Lake and impacting all of the lakes.  Lake levels are now approaching or reaching the normal summer operating range and WSA will begin to operate structures to maintain lakes within their desired operating range.

Currently 5 m3/s are being released from the Qu’Appelle Dam.  This flow is intended to meet the water use from Buffalo Pound Lake and maintain levels there.  Releases from Buffalo Pound through the fishway are modest and will not impact the drawdown of Last Mountain Lake.


Operating Range*

Current Level*


Buffalo Pound

509.17 – 509.47


Structure is operated to maintain lake level near top of its range

Last Mountain

489.66 – 490.27


Craven structure is fully open


478.84 – 479.15


Plan to install stop logs about July 6 to hold lake near top of the range


478.08 – 478.38


Radial gate is closed, water level controlled by river flow over the weir.


451.41 – 451.71


Plan to install stop logs in first half of July to hold lake in range


442.11 – 442.42


Cannot be operated

*All elevations in metres above sea level

**The Echo Control Structure also controls levels on Pasqua Lake

***The Katepwa Control Structure also controls levels on Mission Lake