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Water Levels Update

  • Rainfall accumulations over the 48 hour period exceeded 100 mm in places with most of south central and east central Saskatchewan receiving at least 50 mm.  The map below shows 48 hour accumulations over Monday and Tuesday.
  • Preliminary estimates have the rainfall event at a greater than 1:100 year event at locations that received the highest accumulations. 
  • Due to the extended period of hot and dry weather that preceded the rainfall event, runoff responses on most gauges streams have been fairly moderate, although high for this time of year.
  • Drainage basins receiving the highest accumulations include the Lower Wood River, Sandy/Thunder Creek, the Upper Qu’Appelle River, Quill Lakes, Upper Red Deer River, and Carrot River.
  • The Water Security Agency is monitoring flows and water levels in these areas and smaller scale reservoir operations have occurred or are planned for today.
  • For the most part, impacts have been limited to localized flooding due to the infiltration capacity and wetland storage available.
  • While streamflow and lake level impact from this event have been limited, these basins are now quite wet and vulnerable to a second event over the coming days.  However, current forecasts are calling for a return to sunny and warm conditions over the coming days.

Qu’Appelle System

  • The Qu’Appelle Lakes will generally remain within their operating ranges but at or near the top of the range.
  • The outflow from the Qu’Appelle River Dam at Lake Diefenbaker was reduced on July 27 and terminated on July 28 in response to high tributary inflows into Buffalo Pound Lake.
  • Outflows from Buffalo Pound Lake will be increased to 11 m3/s on July 29 to limit the surcharge at the lake and work towards returning it to the top of its operating range over the next two weeks.
  • All flows on the Qu’Appelle River are expected to remain in channel.
  • Higher flows on the Upper Qu’Appelle will slow the outflow from Last Mountain Lake, but not result in a significant increase in water levels.   
  • Some of the stop logs at the Echo Lake control structure will be removed on July 29 to return and maintain Pasqua and Echo Lakes in their desirable operating ranges.
  • Katepwa Lake is expected to see an increase of about 0.15 metres above sea level (m) to 478.7 m. 
  • Impacts will be dampened further downstream, with Crooked Lake not expected to rise above 451.7 m, which is the top of its desirable operating range and 0.1 m above the current level. 

Quill Lakes and area

  • The Quill Lakes are expected to increase about 0.1 m from pre-event levels. 
  • Other closed and semi-closed basin lakes, such as Lake Lenore and Waldsea-Houghton-Deadmoose, will also be impacted by this event.

Souris System

  • The Souris basin did not receive the accumulations as previously forecasted and there no anticipated operations because of this