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Water Security Agency to Increase Outflow from Gardiner Dam

May 13, 2014 - The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of an increase in outflow from Gardiner Dam.

As part of the ongoing management of Lake Diefenbaker water levels, WSA will be increasing outflows over the next few days from 370 cubic metres per second (m3/s) to 800 m3/s.

This will result in the current water level on the South Saskatchewan River downstream of Gardiner Dam rising by approximately 1.4 m.  It’s anticipated that the higher river flows will remain in place for the remainder of May.

This increase in outflow is a proactive release in response to the above normal snowpack in the mountains and above average lake level for this time of year. No out-of-bank flooding is expected to occur as a result of this operation.

With this planned release and forecasted inflow over the next two weeks, WSA expects to lower the reservoir approximately 0.8 m, providing additional flood storage in the event of above normal rainfall in late May and June.

On the Saskatchewan River system, flows will be above normal for this time of year but not expected to cause any flooding issues. Water levels in the river sections downstream of Codette and Tobin reservoirs will rise approximately 0.5 m above normal.

Provided there is no heavy rainfall in the Cumberland House area, water levels are projected to continue to fall slightly from the levels observed earlier this year. There is also no added risk of flooding because of these flows.  

The forecast for stream flows and any other relevant updates will be posted to WSA’s website at wsask.ca.

The Water Security Agency was created to lead implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.  The plan will improve water management capacity and service to individuals, businesses and communities across Saskatchewan.  The agency brings together all of the major responsibilities related to water quality and quantity.


For more information, contact:

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