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High Water Levels Experienced on Emma and Christopher Lakes

July 9, 2014 - The Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of high lake levels on Emma and Christopher Lakes in northern Saskatchewan. The above normal amounts of precipitation this year have pushed a number of lakes above their normal operating range.

Emma and Christopher Lakes are well above their maximum desirable operating levels. Emma Lake is currently at 516.04 m which is 0.47m above the normal summer operating range. Christopher Lake is currently at 515.12 m which is 0.31 m above the normal summer operating range.

High water levels and flows are expected to continue well into August.  Releases from Christopher Lake are not expected to cause any flooding downstream on the Spruce River.

In the event the area is impacted by further precipitation, landowners at both Christopher and Emma Lakes and along the Spruce River need to be aware of the existing high levels, and are advised to take the proper precautions and prepare accordingly in case of any future rain events.

Anglin Lake is still within its normal operating range at 515.42 m.  Currently, WSA has reduced outflows from Anglin Lake in order to keep flows down on the Spruce River. 

If the extended forecast of sunny conditions remains for this area, WSA will be slowly reducing additional flows from Anglin Lake starting next week.  The majority of the Spruce River flow affecting downstream areas is not coming from Anglin Lake, but from other uncontrolled streams. 

The Water Security Agency was created to lead implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.  The plan will improve water management capacity and service to individuals, businesses and communities across Saskatchewan.  The agency brings together all of the major responsibilities related to water quality and quantity.


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